Lenovo took over Motorola in India after they phones were not able to make a fine name in the market. So the motor G handsets launched by Motorola complement Lenovo became a delicious phone in the market which was exclusively available on flipKart. Now a new star of Moto G has been spotted by famous tipster@evleaks, this seems to be a more rugged version of the device soon to be called Moto G Forte.

Sony Ericsson's phones created a whole huge scenario with their waterproof feature. So maybe Lenovo is also thinking of a budget for which may look bulky but can provide waterproof and dustproof features to the mid-range phones market. The image spotted maybe a banner ad for the upcoming smartphone but it is a surety that this phone may also become a huge success. The image shows Moto G Forte properly sealed at the outlet points making a dustproof and waterproof.

Well according to me this phone has a huge successful market especially in a country like India. Although the last rugged smartphone of Motorola was the Defy XT which awfully didn't do well in this country. Although no specifications are available for the motor G Forte but let's keep an eye on this handset.



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