Save time and energy when upgrading to a bigger HDD by simply cloning your older one.

AOMEI Backupper is a free utility we use frequently to clone hard drives. For
this workshop, we chose a primary 500GB hard drive that was split
into two volumes of 125GB and 330GB respectively. We chose a 1TB
HDD as the upgrade. We did not create any partitions whatsoever
and connected the new 1TB drive to the PC as it arrived. Here's
what we did next:

Download and install AOMEI Backupper utility from www.aomeitech.
com. The utility is just 52MB in size and does not need any serial
key or registration as it is free of cost. Do note the volume names
and partition sizes of your current hard disk before you begin with
the cloning process. This will ensure you don’t run into accidental
data loss by selecting the wrong drives and partitions. Check the
information in "My Computer" as well as in "Disk Management". You
can access the "Disk Management" console by right-clicking on "My
Computer", selecting "Manage". You'll find it under the "Computer
management" option.

After installing the utility, start it up and click on the "Clone"
button on the left. The next screen will inform you about the
existing partitions just like Windows's "Disk Management" console.
Here, you will see that we have installed "Disk 2", which is the
1TB hard drive we are upgrading to. Note down the drives on your
system carefully on a piece of paper and proceed.
Further on, you will be asked to choose the source disk. In our
case, it is "Disk 0", which is the primary hard drive with two volumes
or partitions. Click on "Next" and choose the destination disk (in our
case, Disk 2). At the bottom, you will see two options for cloning:
"Sector by sector clone" and "Partition editing". If both the drives are
identical in size and model number, you can choose to clone it by
the sector.

However, if you're upgrading to a higher capacity drive, you
will need to partition the drive properly with the partition editor.
Therefore, click on the "Partition editing" option.

Here you will be given three choices:

*Clone the entire drive with the exact partition sizes and leave the
remaining free space as it is.
*Fit all the existing partitions of the source disk to the destination
disk with appropriate and proportional values.
*Edit the partition yourself so you can choose the volume sizes as
per your choice.

You can choose any of the three options, but we advise you to
select Option 1 as it is the safest choice. Option 2 is also good,
but since you want to upgrade, this would not be the best choice.
Editing the partitions yourself would be the best course of action to
take, as you have control over how much space you want to allocate
to each of the drive's partitions. Once you have made your choice,
go ahead and click "OK". On the next screen, hit the "Start Clone"
button to begin the process.

This is the final stage of the entire cloning process. AOMEI
Backupper will begin cloning your hard drive and should take around
an hour or two. Keep in mind that the amount of time your PC will
take is entirely dependent on how fast it is and how much data
you have on the drive. We advise you to close all software running
in the background, disconnect any open network connections and
disable your screensaver before you begin cloning the drives. Once
the cloning process is complete, click on the "Finish" button and shut
down your PC. Disconnect all wires, disconnect the older primary
hard drive and replace it with the new one. If everything goes well
and as intended, you will find everything as it was, except for the
extra drive space. If not, load the older drive again and go through
the entire process. AOMEI Backupper can be safely used with PCs
running Windows XP or higher.


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