You can use
KeePass to safely store your
passwords without having to remember a
master password. Instead of asking for a
password that you might forget, it can
create a file on a USB key that works as the
password. Keep the USB key on a keyring
and your passwords will be kept safe.
The key file can be set up when the
password database is created, but it's easy
to add one to an existing database.
File and then Change Master Key. The
Create Composite Master Key window will
appear. From now on the process is the
same as when creating a new database.
Select the 'Key file / provider' option
and click the Create button. Find your USB
key in the Open window and choose where
you want to save the keyfile. Putting it in a
folder will help hide it in case you lose the
USB key. Remember that as the passwords
can only be unlocked with this keyfile, it's a
good idea to make a backup copy
on another key that is kept in a safe
location. To create the key, move
your mouse randomly over the box
of dots. The longer you do this the
more secure the password will be,
so keep going until you generate
256 bits. Click OK in the next three
windows and save the database.
KeePass will then start as normal.
The password file must not be
saved to the same USB key, or there
will be no protection at all. It would
be the same as leaving the car key in the
ignition. To be safer you can use both a
password and a keyfile.


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