It does have Internet Explorer 10, expandable storage
support, screenshot ability, HD resolution support, etc., but
what is it that Windows Phone 8 has which matters to your

As a consumer:
1. Excellent social networking integration: Neither
Android nor iOS has as good social networking integration
as Windows Phone does. The `People’ hub of Windows
Phone 8 integrates contacts from different social networks
in one place as a central list. As such, in most cases, you
really do not need dedicated apps for Facebook/Twitter/

As a business user:
1. Collaboration with `Rooms’: Windows Phone 8 has
a feature called `Rooms’, which lets you privately share
a calendar, notes, photos and group chat with the
people you invite.
2. Office Mobile: Built-in Office Mobile is a bug plus
for any business user. Combine that with SkyDrive sync
& sharing and you get a nice productivity bundle that
you can use on the go.
3. Variety of device management options: Windows
Phone 8 has many device configuration and
management capabilities, that makes it easy to integrate
Windows Phone into your Windows infrastructure.
4. Email + Messaging: In addition to the Outlook-like
email features, messaging threads let you switch between
text and chat in the same conversation, and you
can attach photos, voice notes, your location and more.

To tell the truth it simply depends on the user:
*If you like to show off then go for windows phone.
*If you like to experiment go for anaroid.
*If you like to chat go for blackberry.
*If you don't want and hassel go for ios.


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