I will explain u about different techniques of hacking account.

a. If you have access to him personally

1. If you can blackmail him either by pointing a gun on his head for anything just to get the password out of his mouth.( Just Joking)

2. Emotionally blackmailed him and make him type the password in front of you.

b. If you have access to his or her computer

There are basically two techniques to do this

* You can use the pen drive attack method and extract all his saved passwords.

* You can spy his computer secretly and get all the passwords  to your email address.


c. If you don't have access to his or her computer

Now comes the tough part if you want to hack his password remotely. this method involves creating fake login page is and you may find it a little difficult if you're not familiar with making websites.

.... If you're using Windows......

*Advance Hacking :Hack Any Online Account ( Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, Twitter....) Using Phishing


...... If you are using backtrack (backtrack is an operating system that is used by computer Security specialist, so if you don't know anything about backtrack then I think you would like to ignore this one)......


So now I have to explain you the different techniques you can use to hack any email account . I hope that s solves . the question.


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