Well if you want to be a professional hacker, there are courses that give you the certificate to be a hacker (computer security expert).
EC Council  ( http://www.eccouncil.org/ ) provides an international certificate and certify you as an ethical Hacker.
There are other high-level courses made available by EC Council that you can look by logging on to the website. But for Basic level you can go for the certified ethical Hacker course  (CEH). Remember getting this certificate is not sufficient enough to get you high-level job. For that you have to go to college and graduate. You can consult this matter with your career counsellor.  As for now if  you want to be a professional hacker there are courses available that certify you as an hacker.  So just look on the net and search  the registered institutions that provide you with this course in your nearby location.

I hope that satisfies  the answer to this question. So just keep in mind that if you want to be professional hacker , no books"hacking for dummies", "ethical hacking for beginners", "the secret of hacking" etc.. will help you, as these books are just there to gain knowledge .  You need to get a professional certification that is internationally accepted. So just consult your career counsellor do your graduation and then you can always go for the ethical Hacker certificate.


  1. i want to be a hacker i want thats i love hack i like it just make me a hacker

    1. http://technocrazepro.blogspot.in/2012/08/download-certified-ethical-hacker-ebook.html


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